NoMatiic Returns With A New Enthusiastic And Melodic Single, “Sunset”

NoMatiic - Sunset
NoMatiic - Sunset

NoMatiic (namely Laurentiu Petrut and Aaron Reese) returns with a new enthusiastic and melodic single “Sunset”, a song written to reflect upon the reality of all things coming to an inevitable end, whether they be experiences, relationships, or life itself. It is a highly anticipated track for them to start off their journey in the year 2021, at the same time, hoping that this will be a great year since the pandemic.

This track was inspired by the intense emotions of one's pursuit of happiness, only for all things to reach the end, hence the title "Sunset". While some people may convey the message from the track as negative, the music duos view it as something positive. They added that "Finding beauty in the absurdity and uncertainty of the universe can drastically change one's perception of life". Many of the problems we face are self-inflicted and only cause us distress and feelings of worthlessness. Ultimately, these issues are minimal, or even nothing in the grand scheme of life.

They embedded fresh new music elements and unique musical style in their latest single, by marveling at the audience with their extraordinary talent in music production. The track features an upbeat yet emotional tone with endless creativity. Moreover, the high tempo music composition utilizes melodic leads, rhythmic beats, well-placed vocal chops, which filled the track with joie de vivre. Moreover, the feelings of the track transmit a message about letting go of nonsensical obstacles, unrealistic expectations, and deadlines, as well as utilizing all the time left to live a life full of love for yourself and those close to you, signifying the true essence of "Sunset”. In addition, it clearly shows the passion and dedication presented through the track from the Romanian-born and American-born artists.

“Sunset” is available now on all major platforms. Follow NoMatiic on their social media to stay up-to-date.