NYC-Based Electronic Producers Adzman and Rayyan Release Their Latest Single ‘Wherever You Go'

NYC-based electronic producers ADzMAN and Rayyan join up to release their new single 'Wherever You Go’ on the Good Vibes Only label (Hybrid Trap). This record is about supporting and following a loved one no matter what challenges and paths there are in life. The hook captures this mood by saying “even when you feel alone, rest assured that I’ll be close, I’ll never let go, I’m gonna follow, wherever you go.” Both rising producers are empowered with strong artistic ability through many years of hard work and dedication in music production. The melodic and tempestuous synths, filled with sensational sound design as well as electrifying leads in a future bass-style single is something audiences are obsessed with within recent years and the duo has made a significant effort on making this beautiful single a reality.

Wherever You Go is a souring electronic number that features uplifting female vocals, that are both soothing and angelic. The song intro moving into the breakdown showcases both orchestral and organic elements blended with melodic electronic sounds. This momentum transitions from the build-up into an impactful melodic bass-inspired drop that features powerful chords and an emotional piano lead. The song explores different sonic territory for the artists while maintaining their signature sound. This is a truly magnificent achievement for both the artists as the musical notes of “Wherever You Go” will undoubtedly linger in a listener’s mind for a very long time.

“I’ve known Ryan for years and we’ve always talked about writing a song together. It was a little challenging during the pandemic but we are thrilled with the way it turned out. It’s the perfect blend of our sounds.” says ADzMan

The record is a radiant new chapter for the producers. This is ADzMAN and Rayyan’s first collaboration together and their first release on Good Vibes Only.

‘Wherever You Go’ is out now on all major streaming platforms. Follow ADzMAN and Rayyan on their social media to stay up-to-date.

About ADzMAN

Producer, remixer, and DJ, New York City native ADzMAN has come a very long way from making simple hip-hop beats in his bedroom. Fostered by a childhood passion for music and djing, Adam Freudenstein’s flawless production and high-octane DJ sets have earned him an ever-growing global following. While his roots are initially in hip-hop and rap, his unique methodology has propelled him to bridge the gap within hip-hop and electronic music and helped him evolve into one of dance music’s most versatile producers.

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About Rayyan

From an early age, Ryan Parker has been listening and dancing to every genre from punk rock to hip-hop to pop. Fast-forwarding to 2015, he decided to pursue his passion for music in the form of Rayyan. NYC-based electronic music DJ/Produce Rayyan puts emotion and soul into every one of his productions and live performances. From captivating original productions to evocative remixes, Rayyan consistently puts a unique touch on his melodic bass tracks.

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