Ocean-Jade Unveils a New Explosive Electro-Pop Single, "Rah Rah".

Ocean-Jade drops her latest explosive electro-pop single, "Rah Rah". Building up beautifully from minimal and monotonous beginnings, “Rah Rah” shows meandering vocals that evolve gradually over the dynamic crafted progressive synths, from a soft to a rhythmically yet explosively engaging and uplifting moments on the drops. The single connects and provides the listeners with an addictive hit of escapism through its commercially shaped musical arrangement, which is simply engaging to keep the audience on repeat.

Hailing from Bulawayo, the “City of Kings” in Zimbabwe, Ocean-Jade has always had a passion for singing and dancing, whilst always bringing a smile to anyone around her with her music. Through living such a diverse upbringing, growing up in Zimbabwe, and later being involved in London’s Bollywood scene, she spent her early days dancing with and for her friends, drawing inspiration from artists like Michael Jackson, Missy Elliot, Ciara, Chris Brown, and hype beast Lil Jon – channeling their ability to blend lyrical mastery with phenomenal dance talent.

Joining her school choir, to flirt with a certain guy, Ocean-Jade started her musical journey. However, there always was a deeper desire to learn, grow and develop as an artist. Upon moving to the UK, with her burning passion for the arts she studied various mediums, such as Music Musical Theatre & Dance. A spontaneous busking session on the streets of Camden, London is when Ocean-Jade, a rhythmic rapping pocket- rocket with an explosive voice to be heard, was unleashed. With her unique style of performance, infectious talent, and energetic stage presence her career has propelled within the music industry and she evokes an aura that entices you wanting more.

Ocean-Jade has since gone on to work as an MC and Host with leading Events Companies, Hip Hip LDN and So Fresh So Clean, both based in London. She is also thriving in Europe’s nightclub scene as a fire MC and continues to break glass ceilings in a male-dominated industry.