Peter Spacey and Danny Feels Unveil Sensational Single "Too Close", Featuring A Dreamy Soundscape

Peter Spacey and Danny Feels unveil the perfect mix of serenity and creativity through their latest single, “Too Close”. It features a blissful soundscape along with the thematic experience of future bass, bringing the lost art of mental health, which is solitude to the audience that felt too tangled up in an overly committed relationship. The artists hold an eccentric direction on choosing the tone of the music to fully capitalize the feelings of the audience while exhibiting the fullest musical essence of the track, bringing the audience through an emotional journey of a relationship with melodic notes. The single also features a chill and dreamy musical landscape tied with deep elements of emotions next to a smooth lo-fi style vocal by Danny Feels, rhythmic beats, weaved together with utmost finesse. The authentic passion and feelings of the artists were brought forward to the audience through the stellar-like modulations of extraordinary production quality and musical arrangements.

“Too Close” is available now on all major platforms. Make sure to follow the artists on their social media to stay up to date.

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