Pindell Released Melodic Bass Single, 'In Front of Me'

"In Front Of Me" is a melodic bass track, featuring lovely vocals from TRØVES. The song is about taking people and places for granted, and not realizing how meaningful they are until they are no longer part of your life. A few years back, Pindell didn't feel like he had much going for me in life, so he left a good job, an amazing hometown, and moved to a new place, thinking there was more for me, and he left some family and good friends behind. After a year of living in this new place, Pindell wasn't content with where he was at. In fact, it was the most miserable experience of my life. Pindell missed his hometown, his family and friends, and even his old job. "I was in a really dark place in this new city I moved to, but I ended up moving back", said Pindell.

"Being surrounded by family, good friends and a beautiful place of living made me feel happy again".