Promising New Artist, Pratzapp Released "Sunset Dreams”

Pratap Chandra, better known by his stage name 'Pratzapp', is a young and promising artist, audio engineer, and pianist from Bangalore who has been producing music for over 2 years. He has amassed over a million streams across all audio streaming services. His musical styles include electro-pop, trap, experimental, and hip hop, making him a very versatile artist in the industry. He has enormous ideas for the future, including a shift into and experimentation with punk-rock, as well as the creation of an EP and some innovative music videos.

His most recent song is titled "Sunset Dreams" in collaboration with sakura Hz. It is primarily electronic and it has a dreamy vibe to it. This track was composed keeping their biggest inspiration, Porter Robinson, in mind, notably his current album 'Nurture.' The track also includes musical interludes that represent two individuals' love for one another, as well as the emotion of being apart and having hollow promises. The music is very dynamic and has drastic, yet subtle changes in terms of arrangement and groove.

Overall, the tune is coloured with yellow and blue feelings, making the listener feel as if they were a part of a pleasantly blissful fever dream. Pratzapp has taken a very radical stride in his musical career with this song; he has experimented and taken a step out of his conventional ways, and curated it in collaboration with the Brazilian musician ‘sakura Hz,' who took the ambiance and vibe of the track to another level.

“More than just a track, this song has been a journey of many emotions from start to finish,” Pratzapp explains.