Promising Rapper and Songwriter Invent Drops His Latest Single “All Alone”, Featuring Mikayla Sippel

Promising rapper and songwriter, Invent drops his latest single “All Alone”, featuring Mikayla Sippel that explores the personal events from Invent that happened this year, about his loneliness, hardships, and heartbreaking afflictions in his life through the penetrating rhyming and melancholy melody that is simply surreal and heartfelt. The heart-touching and emotional single share his innermost feelings and thoughts throughout the track, giving the poignant picturesque music scape of the song through the lyrical grandeur as well as the sensational vocals of the artist. The listeners will definitely relate to the feelings of the track due to its reminiscing choices of wordplay, following the contrast of Mikayla’s soft and angelic voice that will capture the audience's heart in an instance, who was also featured on a song with artist "NF" last year. She has contributed to the song perfectly with her chorus, showing that her vocal capability has the potential to touch and secure a permanent spot in the heart of the listeners.

Since the release, “All Alone” has been creating sublime pieces, gaining superb impressions and support from the fans in the music community from all walks of life. The beautifully written track has also brought some sensational mellow rhythms, fine beats, exquisite emotional atmospheric tone, and admirable hooks. The lyrical individuality from Invent is also being presented in the spotlight as the artist presents an outstanding and heart-rending scope of storytelling as his verses and vocal expressions seamlessly flow into the tone of the song, showing the authentic lyrics packed in a superior single. Moreover, the soothing piano in the track weaves their vocals perfectly along with the astonishing melodic flow and has shown the excellence in the musical arrangements that dictate the emotional tone of the thematic track. In addition, Invent’s unparalleled rapping skills have alleviated the intensity of the track, which increases the definition and depth of the track, showing his undying passion and resilience as a first-class rapper.

Invent has many more songs lined up for release this year. So, please make sure to follow Invent on his Instagram to keep up to date. “All Alone” is available now on all major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and more…