PUCKER, Cudos & Joel Heumann Drops A Compelling New Single, "Medusa"

PUCKER, Cudos, and Joel Heumann have joined hands in working together to create a modern yet addictive single, “Medusa”, which has the potential to be a music hit due to the nature of the track as it features captivating vocals, commercial-ready sounds, and excellent music production. Also, the unique electronic production between Cudos and PUCKER has effectively complemented the quirkiness of Joel's vocal.

Their latest collaboration brightens up the mood of the listeners as the track lingers through the ears of the audience with tuneful and rhythmic melody, providing optimistic and vibrant musical aura. With their professionalism and charismatic ability in music, they are able to carry out the essence and emotion of the track along with the superior upbeat soundscape on their magnificent musical arrangement and composition, making it the ideal tune to be in love with for the audience.

More about them...


Consisting of longtime friends Alex Puchalski & Daniel Piper, Cudos hails from a small-town called Plattsburgh, New York. They bring a genre bending sound to the electronic pop scene. Their quirky, fun, and colorful aesthetic leaves nothing to be desired as their music & art bring a fresh new look to the world of electronic dance music. Alex & Dan first met in 8th grade and have been friends ever since. Throughout high school they played high school sports together and discovered their love for music production. But it wasn't until early 2018 when they decided to start a DJ/producer duo. In October of 2020 they released their debut single ‘Take It Slow’ which is a part of their upcoming debut EP set to release in the spring of 2021.


PUCKER is a Pop/Electronic artist duo composed of Ilan Pomerance, 22, and David Dzujna, 21, both originating from Fairfield County in Connecticut. After discovering their shared passion for music and cutting-edge sounds during orientation at New York University, the pair found themselves ambitiously taking on the NYC music scene. Both Dave and Ilan began their musical journeys studying percussion at the Jim Royle Drum Studio in Bridgeport, CT, but it wasn't until years later that they realized they'd never crossed paths prior to meeting at NYU. PUCKER's music provides a sense of familiarity and structure, while also combining different genres in a way that pushes the boundaries of modern music. The irony of their backstory paired with an insatiable love for the craft is reflected in timeless pieces of art that connect the ears straight to the heart.


Pucker: https://www.instagram.com/puckerofficial/


Cudos: https://www.instagram.com/cudosmusic/


Joel: https://www.instagram.com/jhumanofficial/