Ríša the Kid Presents a Platform to Help and Promote Artists for Them to Achieve Their Dreams

Ríša The Kid is all geared up to take the music industry by storm with his intuitive idea of presenting a platform to promote artists. As the saying goes, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”, he is eager to present a medium for all the emerging, talented and eccentric musical artists, helping them to achieve their dreams and not to let their dreams fade away. Unlike other conventional artists, Ríša The Kid releases music of others including mixes, playlists, and unofficial music videos in his YouTube channel to elevate aspiring and devoted artists like himself who love music with endearment as well as hosting a website to enable him for sharing compelling music from artists with big dreams. “My website is for people who don't want to let their dreams die.”, said Ríša The Kid. Manifesting his dreams into reality, the enthusiastic artist aims to help and encourage other artists and playlist curators to not stop striving.

Moreover, the website and music channel provided by Ríša The Kid helps independent artists and playlist curators to grow. He is currently interested in releasing fine music, interviews, live performances, playlisting, and more from any type of artist. Additionally, Ríša The Kid is planning carefully on making his own music in the future, but his priority now revolves around music promotion for emerging artists through YouTube and his website on https://risathekid.com/. Finally, 2021 has the potential to be a great year for an artist with entrepreneurism and altruism like Ríša The Kid around the corner.