RAYCHILLOUT Drives His Fans Into A Continuous State of Excitement With His Latest Single "let me go"

RAYCHILLOUT - let me go

DJ, record producer who specializes in Ambient, Tropical House, and Electronic Dance Music with French, Guadeloupean, and Puerto Rican origin, RAYCHILLOUT was born on 31th of January 1997. RAYCHILLOUT drives his fans into a continuous state of excitement in a thrilling journey with his latest release “let me go”. The exquisite production in “let me go” along with the sensual female vocals with emotion-packed lyrics and upbeat sounds are unquestionable to attract people from all walks of life. His touch in the musical production sparks the track with fresh sounds when his expertise in ambient music and EDM are brought up to be showcased in this highly danceable future house single.

Credit: Paco Banton Photodart @pacobanton_photodart

With uplifting vibes, fluttering bass drops, and carefully placed vocal effects, the track is the perfect dance anthem for almost all occasions from beach parties to casual listening. Also, the hypnotic female vocals blend perfectly with the soothing piano chords, creating extra depth and intrigue to the track. The electrifying bassline and punchy kick are sure to get the grooves of a party started. Moreover, he adds a subtle twist to the track by playing with the octave of the vocals and adding vocal effects in the drop. The song encapsulates a varied musical landscape with pumped-up beats that is full of energy, have proved the artist’s uniqueness and passion in music production.

“let me go” by RAYCHILLOUT is available now on all major platforms. Follow RAYCHILLOUT on Instagram for upcoming projects and updates.

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