Rising Artist Luke ATME Drops Latest Single "Quiero Más" With Smooth Vocals

Luke ATME - Quiero Más
Luke ATME - Quiero Más

Rising International pop artist, Luke ATME, from Italy drops his latest single, “Quiero Más" with a fusion between English and Spanish. The melodic introduction is introduced with smooth vocals from the artist himself. The song consists of reggaetón vibes and some elements of tropical house, which created a unique blend to attract the attention of the audience. The groovy beat helps to intensify the artist’s bold vocal in both the verse and chorus. Also, the nice blend of languages in the song presents a different dimension, bringing it to the next level and further reach globally.

Recently, Luke ATME won several prestigious awards such as a Golden Award for “Song of the Year'' for his Spanish single “Perdóname", AAA4Success Award “Artist of the Year”, and the Golden Award for “Artist of the Year.” Quiero Más from Luke ATME is up to the challenge to achieve new goals as well as to propel himself further to the international scene.

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