Rising Electronic Music Producer, Stereov Drops Dreamy Chillwave Single “Child of the Wind”

Rising electronic music producer, Stereov drops dreamy chillwave single “Child of the Wind” that is full of artistry. The artist has amped up his expertise in the realm of electronic music with outstanding contemporary vibes of chillwave by brilliantly executing the musical arrangement of this dreamlike single. His stellar performance in the musical production of this track can clearly be defined from afar.

“Child of the Wind” tells a story about a person that is unable to find his way home, where he starts to have thoughts of giving up during the journey. The atmosphere of the track is created by a dark vocoder sound and airy sound effects throughout the song. Moreover, the vocals are accompanied by the melancholic chords that are played superbly by a retro synthesizer and a rhythmic bassline. In the second segment of the track, the narrative goes with a female voice being summoned, trying to remind him that he is not alone in this challenging journey, paving the path to find the correct way home. Towards the end of the track, both voices united as they sing along in a much optimistic tone, while the song fades slowly when it reaches the end.

“Child of the Wind” is available now on all major platforms. Follow Stereov on his social media to stay up-to-date.