Rising Producer Tyronic Teamed Up With Talented Singer Steve Castile For "Insomnia"

Tyronic - Insomnia (feat. Steve Castile) | Music Republic Magazine

"Insomnia", which was produced together by Chiavini Luca (aka Tyronic) and talented singer Steve Castile, shows lyrics with the meaning to inform the people and how it is to live as a person in this thriving creative industry.

"I can imagine that some people are able to relate to the feelings which were transmitted by this beautiful record." - Chiavini Luca
Tyronic | Music Republic Magazine

Bio from Tyronic:

I consider myself an all-rounder because I dedicate most of my free time into producing music of every kind and looking for new tunes. My affection to music came in a young age when I started to play the Trumpet, since then, I learned a lot. Moreover, I am always looking for opportunities to connect with new people to expand the family network. Finally, it is important to note that I am not a man of many words, so I let my music speak for me.

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