Rolls Rollin Returns For A New Massive Single "Basslines N’ 8 Lines"

Rolls Rollin has had an astonishing few months since announcing himself to the world back in May. A succession of self-released singles have amassed more than a million streams on Spotify and nearly half a million on Soundcloud. His growing army of fans have come to know him for the way he blends aspects of bass house, hard dance and oldskool rave into an intoxicating, rocket-fuelled brew.

Rolls Rollin - Basslines N’ 8 Lines

Now he teams up with fellow Canadians, the mighty Kannibalen records, for his debut label release. ‘Basslines N’ 8 Lines’ features on the hardest hitting compilation of the year – All I Want For Christmas Is Bass Volume 5.

Channeling his love for UK bassline, this new single hammers home with a sub so punishing that Santa will be scared to land on your roof. Team this with swaggering vocals, ear-eviscerating synths, funky breaks and a pneumatic kick and it quickly becomes clear that Rolls Rollin has delivered yet another solid-gold banger.

Rolls Rollin

Having hit such huge heights in 2020, Rolls Rollin is looking forward to an even bigger year in 2021. There is no doubt that this is an artist to watch.





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