Santa Cruz, California Hip Hop Artist SpenDoe Returns With a New Single and Music Video for “Lonely.

Rising hip hop artist from Santa Cruz, California, SpenDoe returns with a new single and music video for "Lonely". When it comes to music, and making moves, SpenDoe stays on it. The Santa Cruz artist works around the clock. Is it his passion for music, his belief that hard work pays off, or his relentless hustle that keeps him on the move? “It’s all of it” says SpenDoe. One thing he always emphasizes is that “It’s not just about me, but it is.”

SpenDoe is utilizing his creativity and work ethic in an attempt to help those around him, and build something much greater in time. Previous releases such as “Surviving The Mob Era” and “SERVIN” fall in place with what is being presented here; only it’s in a different time, and space. Previous releases such as “Changing Lanes” and “High Tide” carry a much lighter vibe, taking on a more philosophical approach.

His musical style can vary, and this is something that he embraces. He’s been in good places, and he’s been in bad places. He’s experienced many things in his time alive, and uses his music as a way to record what he sees and feels at times. The new single “Lonely” was produced by Lil 0, and is one of those energetic, yet dark “mob” beats. The moment the music starts, SpenDoe begins to discuss being lonely, and while he chooses being in that state most of the time.

“I run around by my lonely man for many of reasons, It’s too many fake cats, and these b*tches be thieving. I can go on with reasons, but really I’m tired, if it’s too much going on, I’m paranoid like in the wire.” SpenDoe on “Lonely”

The haunting sounds of the track, along with the deep dark thoughts of SpenDoe in a state that very few can relate, are brought forth in grim details of when embracing the wrong company goes bad. Listeners will instantly be pulled in, as the song is parallel to a drama-thriller, where things take a twisted turn. With that being said, it can be assumed that some hard lessons were learned early on for SpenDoe. Overcoming obstacles are extremely important for SpenDoe, as he feels that’s what molds an individual to be a certain way.

With his previous releases spanning multiple sub-genres of hip hop, it’s obvious that SpenDoe has something in store for everyone to embrace. Remember that it’s often better to be lonely, than in the company of others you can’t trust...

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