Speedyville Nardy Shares New Album "Sr. Tweak TweaK" [Album Review]

Hailing from the southside of Chicago, Speedyville Nardy with roots of being a designer and entrepreneur, drops his latest album “Sr. Tweak Tweak” after his first major album “BraveHeart Musik” in his own music label Pack Money LLC. The album is filled with a vast variety of musical styles that are bold, real, and artsy. The catchy beat with interesting hi-hats, drum kit, and flow helped to kickstart the quality of the album to another level followed by his valiant vocals that are laid-back and powerful in some ways.

Speedyville Nardy's album "Sr. Tweak Tweak"
Speedyville Nardy's album "Sr. Tweak Tweak"

Sr. Tweak Tweak” and “Fuck Da Industry,” have the potentials as well as the qualities when compared to the top tracks found in Rap Caviar (a top Spotify playlist) due to the value and artistic composition of Speedyville Nardy’s production. Maybe one day, his productions will turn out showing in Spotify’s top editorial playlist. That being said, his previous works and popularity led Nardy to sign himself, by naming his Legacy Pack Money LLC after his late-cousin Pack Mail, making him the founder and CEO of his own record label.

Rating: 75/100

The album “Sr. Tweak Tweak” is available now on all major platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, and more. Follow Speedyville Nardy on Instagram to stay up-to-date.