Spiteful Drops His Latest Single, ‘Falling’, Showing Off His Immense Quality.

Spiteful drops his latest single, ‘Falling’, showing off his immense quality. The electronic producer has been exploring various sounds and growing a following for nearly two years where he picked up the love for electronic music. He slowly grew from the temperament and sounds of melodic dubstep to pop/future bass. Moreover, Spiteful shows the best standards of modern-day electronic music in ‘Falling’, by penetrating yet again into the creative conscience and the sublime scope of electronic music as he has been consistently receiving lots of praise for his nostalgic melodies and his easy-to-follow upbeat chord progressions, which have been strongly impacted by his early musical interests. The music production of this single is adorned by the dynamic modulations of fine electronic instrumentals along with the infectious beats in an atmospheric and melodic-packed soundscape.

After dropping out of college, Spiteful soon found himself surrounded by an assortment of successful artists, who were primarily within the rap and trap genres. Now trying to balance his two musical personas, he must find a balance between the trap influences he has been surrounded by and his electronic producer origins.

Falling is available now on all major music streaming platforms! Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest updates.