Squeet Drops Glitchy And Vibrant New Single "Final Boss"

Squeet is a classically trained music composer who is diving deep into the world of electronic music production. As he translates the skills and techniques from writing ensembles and playing the piano over to writing MIDI and playing with samples, this newest track “Final Boss” is a display of crazy glitch sound design and classical progressions all wrapped up into one intense 8-bit adventure. The song is executed perfectly as it is conceptualized as a boss fighting anthem that occur during the final stage of the game, enlightening the spirit of the listeners as well as to intensify the atmosphere.

Squeet - Final Boss

Get ready for the full impact of the high energy, intense, and fun-loving vibes that is characteristic of Squeet’s music. Grab your retro gear and hop into the vintage world with the Final Boss!

“Vintage, modern, acoustic, electric, it’s all the same. Why keep them separate? I want to see what happens when you break down the idea of genre and mix everything together!” -Squeet

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