Squeet Drops Lyrically-Enriched Folk-Infused Future Base Single, “What We Are”

Squeet drops lyrically-enriched folk-infused future base single, “What We Are”. The theme of modern-day and classical musical settings in the scope of future bass and folk music is being presented by the heavy lyricism and an even heavier drop in the enthralling soundscape. In the electrifying and dense future bass drop, the song features glorifying glitch breakdowns to decorate the soundscape as well as to keep you on your toes for the entire journey of the majestic musical production. Squeet brings his prolific and unhindered musical production skills to the next level as he shows the best vigor and exquisite creative liberation for the track.

While “What We Are” is a sonically beautiful song, the part of it that makes it truly special is the emotion and stories behind what made it. Being part of the Forevermore collection, all of the songs are strung together to form the different stages of making something creative. The passion, struggles, Euphoria, and in this track now we are featuring the quiet moments of reflection. The times you pause and look back at everything you’ve done up until now. This is what the song is about, thinking about what we have accomplished in the journey, and What We Are.