Stereov Releases Dark And Atmospheric New Electronic Single, “We”

Well-respected and skilful producer, Stereov releases dark and atmospheric new electronic single, “We”. Stereov absorbs the listener’s attention with his infectious and edgy composition. The track is filled with unique dark electronic grooves, which the music industry has not experienced before. He brings chills and cataclysmic vibes to the listeners through this single.

In “We”, Stereov attempts to recreate the sound of a distorted electric guitar digitally. The progressive rhythm in the single replicated the sounds of an earthquake and formed the basis of the song. Stereov immediately thought of an end-of-the-world anthem with these sounds. Stereov also worked with the whispers in the single. The whispers formed a kind of percussion in the music background, which created more texture to the song. For the atmosphere, Stereov wrote a dystopian lyric and processed the vocals with a very spacey vocoder. Moreover, the lead instrument in the drops is similar to a musical ensemble with string plucks, said Stereov. Intuitively, Stereov associated it with musical settings indistinguishable to the “end" of the world.

“We” is available now on all major platforms. Follow Stereov on his Instagram to stay up-to-date with his upcoming projects.