Stereov’s Latest single, “Laika”, Sets A New Benchmark In The Scene Of Electronic Music

Stereov’s latest single, “Laika”, sets a new benchmark in the scene of electronic music as he expresses a picturesque story about “Laika” through music. He is currently at the forefront of electronic music with his exquisite and unique soundscape, which no other music artists could replicate. He has set the grounds for new styles in the genre that will inspire new artists to work their way to their dreams.

Laika is part of Stereov's Sputnik EP. As the first living creature in space, she was able to get an incredible impression of the earth. Stereov tried to express this musically. Laika starts with a crushing, distorted bassline inspired by the rocket's incredible power that shot Laika into space. The bass is later accompanied by a vowel lead sound and atmospheric pads. In the break, a music box plays a dreamy melody, as if Laika was floating in space. The melody intensifies, and the vowel leads sound kicks in again. Eventually, only the distorted bassline plays again as the song gently reaches its end.

“Laika” is available now on all major platforms. Follow Stereov on his instagram to stay up-to-date with his upcoming projects.