Stereov, Who Wrote His First Song At Age 13, Released "Loss". Things are Getting Serious For Stereov

Loss is inspired by Synthwave, mentioned by Stereov. Although the drums are completely acoustic, it creates a very organic sound that carries the very concise synthesizers through the song. After the introduction, orchestras are used to start and bring in a heroic sound. Here the main instrument comes to the fore: a gentle string instrument, initially as an accompaniment. The theme from the beginning follows together with a choir and strings. After a breakdown, the second theme comes exclusively with orchestra. Finally the tempo increases and the song lands in the genre of trance. The beat is interrupted all the time by orchestral sounds. At the end follows a passage that is a little bit influenced by Russian Hardbass.

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Introduction by Stereov:

Hi guys! I am Stereov but you can call me André. I wrote my first song at the age of 13 with my then best friend from school. My influence at that time was clearly Silhouettes from Avicii. I like the chord progressions and the whole setting of the song. The first artist I saw live was Nicky Romero. His style from back then is still one of the best for me today. The sound in the drop inspired me a little bit to sound design. Since my first song, I started and stopped with music very often. This has definitely determined my productions. I had to learn almost everything anew every time and therefore I saw different approaches. But most of all I made a lot of mistakes from which I could learn. I also saw that mistakes can make a little bit of love in a song. So I started to look at tutorials and do the exact opposite of what was said. That didn't help much but at least I still use some small anti-tips today. After I stopped producing for maybe the eleventh time, I also lost sight of electronic music. I started listening to a lot of rock, blues, jazz and even some classical music. But above all punk was my genre! Sum 41 and especially Die Ärzte are the bands that have inspired me a lot lately. With the twelfth start in music, I decided to finally release. Therefore the name of my first EP is Versuch 12, in English: 12th attempt. Today I get inspired by a lot of genres. For example I try to adapt my arrangements to classical music. Besides that I include elements from trance, rock or even jazz. Maybe you can recognize some sounds from other genres.

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