Swedish Artist, Eva No Impresses the Audience With Her Artistic Flair Through Her New Single, "100%"

Swedish artist, Eva No is all geared up to take the perplexing music industry by storm as she is making waves around the world with her latest single “100%”. Through this single, she impresses the audience with her artistic and charismatic flair by showcasing her utmost talent in this sensational upbeat single. She manifested her dreams and pictured the perfect image of the song by providing melodious and zestful energy with electronic music arrangements. From the single, the unique combination between electronic music and pop brings exquisite music composition that is progressive and entertaining. In September 2020, Eva No has also released her highly acclaimed debut EP “History of Now,” with the five successful tracks, such as “History of Now”, “The Shore”, “Trouble in Paradise”, “Things & Lies” and “Alive”.

“100%” is a playful and infectious pop song with modern composition and soundscape that will certainly attract the heart of any listener. Moreover, the single conveys her creative abilities and emotion through a pleasing musical journey, enriched with lyrical enriching storytelling by Eva No, showing the impression of giving 100% and someone going all-in with love. “100%” showcases Eva No’s lyricism and storytelling ability that many listeners will find relatable as it symbolizes motivation and effort for love. The artist assures to keep the spirits of the audience and the virtues of love through this enticing single. The emotion-drenched vocals and atmospheric instrumentation in “100%” seamlessly work together for a must-listen record.

With previous songs “Bohemian Lover” and “On the Couch” (both featuring Alfrida), Eva No has reached a global audience on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. With mesmerizing lyricism, Eva No maintains a fully charged arsenal of high-quality music that is set to see her take over the music scene. “100%” is written by Eva Nordell (who is the Swedish songwriter behind the artist name Eva No) and produced by Peter Hägerås.

The single is available on all digital music platforms through Yellow Rhinestone Records, a label under Billberg Entertainment. Follow Eva No on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to stay up to date on the latest updates.