Swedish Producer, Nawy Drops Habit-forming Deep House Single "Coming Home (La La La)"

Nawy - Coming Home (La La La) | Music Republic Magazine

A playful combination of deep house, catchy vocals and engaging sounds, “Coming Home (La La La)" is indeed an addictive and mesmerising record by Nawy. Nostalgic yet relaxing, this single creates dreamy atmosphere perfect for both chill-out times alone, with friends or on the dance floor. It’s a song that challenged Nawy technically to improve as a producer and to try new things.

"It’s definitely a song that I am extremely proud of and very excited to share with the listeners. I truly hope they appreciate the vibe!" -Nawy

Nawy | Music Republic Magazine

Introduction by Nawy:

My name is Martin “Nawy” Nygren from Stockholm, Sweden, born and raised. Growing up there was always electronic music influencing my childhood and early adulthood. Producers from Sweden such as Axwell & Eric Prydz were always on repeat on my playlist. I absolutely loved it. It took me a long time, after university and working in the financial industry, to actually gain the courage and start taking my hobby as a musician seriously. Now I am doing it full time. My goal was always to try different sounds and techniques, to try something new for myself. I am not searching for my own signature sound; I want to expand beyond it. That’s why I am always trying out new things, influenced by the past, present and thoughts on the future. My own taste for music has always been in the more Progressive side of House, with a more Deep chill side on the other side. It came natural to me that there was where I was going to start out producing. You can hear how much EDM has influenced the music industry, so as a producer you want to try and make your own contribution to a new way of thinking and listening.

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