Swole Sauce Drops His Latest Explosive Future Bass Single, “I Can Feel"

Swole Sauce (also known as Steven Zaslow) debuts his latest explosive future bass single, “I Can Feel” with the record label, Trap n Chill. Impressing his audience and fans with his artistic flair, the artist is ready to showcase his talent on this magnificent single. He manifests his dreams into reality by producing a melodious and highly-energetic composition that contains exquisite musical arrangements. From the single, the blazing and anthem-like energy are brought to light.

Steven is a self-instructed New York native motivated in part by a push to defy genre stasis and he has steadily drawn a digital following since he first began releasing his music via SoundCloud in June of 2020. In the short period that has followed, Swole Sauce has already won early praise from Dancing Astronaut and Vokaal as well as labels such as Death Star Cult, for whom he is currently producing his debut EP. A tense varied musical landscape with upbeat surges of energy transported from the single has successfully proved the artist’s professionalism in the highest level of music production.

“I Can Feel” is available now on all major platforms. Follow Swole Sauce on Facebook and Soundcloud to stay up-to-date with his upcoming projects.