Sz Is Back Again With An Emotional Yet UpLifting Tune "Let Me Go"

Updated: Feb 14

Sz - Let Me Go

Sz is back again with a beautiful and uplifting tune 'Let Me Go', showing what he is truly capable of. Unlike other songs that Sz has worked on in the past, the workflow for ‘Let Me Go’ was unique and well-executed with a beautiful composition. Typically, his inspiration is poured into the instrumental of a song, then the lyrics are built around that base, but with ‘Let Me Go’, the lyrics were discovered first. The lyrics had a different feel to them as compared to the songs Sz has done before. Instead of having a song be built around the highs and lows of the instruments, the instrumental was used to compliment the emotion portrayed through the vocals. As a result, the product is much more energetic and uses a clean and catchy guitar melody which leads to a future bass style drop featuring synthesized sounds and heavy bass.

Sz - Let Me Go

The track in general is inspired by someone in love. The track is meant to reflect emotions that are felt when you first meet someone. You get nervous and don’t know what to say, almost like you are trying to breathe “...under water....”. Eventually, you feel comfortable with this person and feel like you can do anything when you are around them. The best part of the song is the build where the guy tells his significant other how he can’t hide his feelings anymore and comes clean about his feelings, “I can’t lie, I’m into you”. And eventually asks the girl to never ‘Let Me Go’.

Sz - Let Me Go


Based in Houston, Sz is an awe-inspiring electronic music producer who specializes in the future bass genre. Taking inspiration from the leading artist and producers of the genre like Illenium, The Chainsmokers, and Martin Garrix. He brings emotional guitar melodies in his songs that lead up to an emotional drop. Making his release debut in July of 2020 with his first EP “New Beginnings”, marking the start of his journey in the music industry.

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