The Dark Horse, Stereov Drops A New Enchanting Single, "Waldspaziergang"

Stereov - Waldspaziergang

Perhaps one of electronic music's most promising new talents, Stereov has seen a meteoric rise in popularity as of late 2020. "Waldspaziergang" is yet another defining work for Stereov, transcending the boundaries of genres. The rising music producer is sure to establish himself as a “dark horse” with the track as he is capable of winning the hearts of the general audience who has listened to his track.

“Waldspaziergang”, which can be translated to forest walk in English, is inspired by his idea towards the concept and genre of Synthwave. As the name suggests, Stereov tried to exhibit the music with the concept of a walk in a forest through this enchanting single. The “walk” is portrayed by the bassline, which runs almost infinitely through the entire song. It transports the feelings similar when you start looking inside the deep forest, hearing the sounds within. It may seem gloomy filled with darkness at first. After a short journey walking deeper into the forest, the darkness will start to fade away, then the true beauty of the forest itself will unfold. Also, listeners will experience the small details within the beauty of the track like the majestic and lush forest. Once the listeners have recognized the true beauty of the forest, it enables them to recall all the thrilling details and astonishing sounds through the adventurous walk, just like the track “Waldspaziergang”.

“Waldspaziergang” is available now on all major platforms. Follow Stereov on his social media to stay up-to-date.

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