Toronto-based Artist, Lumero Unveils His Explosive Debut Single "Genesis", Featuring Trenton

Lumero - Genesis (feat. Trenton)

Lumero Lumero, which translates to ‘wandering light’, encapsulates the very essence of dance music. Hope and positivity mark the core of his high-energy, emotionally dense tracks. Based in Toronto, Lumero spends his time in the studio delivering his sound, which echoes influence across the spectrum. He intertwines a narrative-driven approach to his songwriting, painting picturesque worlds in his brand promise of anthemic dance music. With two releases already lined up for release this year, 2021 is set to be a big year for Lumero.

Picture of Lumero

Lumero’s debut release "Genesis" delivers high energy along with a vocal lead in an anthemic style track. Trenton’s gritty vocal performance and Lumero’s narrative weaving lyrics provide the listener with an atmosphere that breaks the traditional mold of dance music. The impressive musical production by Lumero has brought the track to life once the drop hits in a multi-explosive state with big-sounding leads and powerful bass. The well-organized musical arrangement and composition create a harmonious bond between the powerful anthem and keen vocals in Genesis as it takes you on a wholehearted journey that the listener will want to keep coming back for more.

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