Toronto-based Artist, MR.Slade Drops His Latest Single “Our Love Will Change The World”

Toronto-based artist, MR.Slade drops his latest single “Our Love Will Change The World”, as he sends positivity and love to the listeners through his unique genre blend with rock/metal, 80’s and 90’s style music, and electropunk, which is a mixture of punk rock and electronic music. The single possesses nostalgic elements from the past with a lively and energetic mood. Moreover, the upbeat rock/metal tune is presented with catchy melodies, well-ordered composition, and surreal lyrics. The optimism of the lyrics can be perceived when MR.Slade introduces his bold vocals with assertive intensity in the track.

MR.Slade - Our Love Will Change The World
MR.Slade - Our Love Will Change The World

MR.Slade has his music inspired by 80’s and 90’s style music, metal music in particular. Since young, he has a huge passion for music with a goal to create music that is both entertaining and high-in-energy. Now, he enjoys creating music for the Generation X-ers as he mentioned that

“seeing that there is a huge gap in the market when it comes to artists going after this huge demographic, I wanted to spearhead that.”

“Our Love Will Change The World” is available now on Spotify and other major platforms. Follow MR. Slade on Instagram to keep up-to-date.