Tyler Quintanilla Drops A New Lyrical Ballad Single With Enticing Beats, "Sexual Tension"

California-based Hispanic/American artist, Jose Angel Nava Marchan, known professionally as Tyler Quintanilla, drops a new lyrical ballad single filled with enticing beats and hip-hop/rap vibes, “Sexual Tension”. The songwriter from California presents his charismatic and idiosyncratic talent in his latest track, showing brilliant musical production and arrangement along with intriguing lyricism. Tyler has been working on music since 2015 but over the years he struggled to get it released till now as he is paving his way and giving his very best in this saturated music industry filled with abundant of talented artists, this is the best possible way for him to present his uniqueness and originality by executing his music differently.

This is Tyler's alternative track, "Sexual Tension" that shows a dark side of him. "If I didn't like you then why am I still thinking about you", those lyrics tell us how Tyler Quintanilla had a hard time falling in love. The track hits hard with strong emotional musical essence and surrealism, stimulating the audience with authentic feelings and tone. Moreover, the hypnotic and modern beats have also contributed to the rapper’s comprehensive style of deliverance through his latest single "Sexual Tension".

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