Underrated Music Producer, Curly Hook Presents "Tonight", An Incredible Tune Worth Listening

Curly Hook - Tonight | Music Republic Magazine

Curly Hook was inspired by difficult and life situation in the world while having the desire to do something joyful. The vocals in the track, "Tonight" is stunning due to the fact that the vocalist closely followed his instruction and direction very well.

"Good times will exist" we should just try something new during this hard times this track is about positive vibes that will come true someday , love and unity ! - Curly Hook
Curly Hook - Tonight | Music Republic Magazine

Curly Hook had always wanted to make music but each time he downloaded Ableton, FL studio or Cubase, he loses inspiration to make them possible. One day, he published some music for his friends using another name Igor Tukan. 2 years ago, he started to work very hard for 10-12 hours in a day as a result Curly Hook was born. Now, he work with his friend Anton Moss, planning to be a music production team in the future and to creating new interesting tracks which will be published later...

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