Up-and-coming Artist, Anna Azerli Drops Her Latest Electro-pop Single “Finally”

Anna Azerli - Finally
Anna Azerli - Finally

Anna Azerli drops her latest electro-pop single “Finally”, which is captivating yet tuneful. It expresses the feelings of breaking free where the sky is no limit and self-reflection with positivity. The dazzling vocal is accompanied by interesting vocal chops, big synths, and chords to spice up the mood of the track, which helps to emphasize the fun experiences when discovering this single and delightfulness when one is finally free. The EDM style and commercial sounding in “Finally” are perfect for the radio and streaming, making it to be a potential hit song at any moment.

Finally” is available now on all major platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Follow Anna Azerli on Instagram to stay updated.





Anna Azerli was born in New Zealand but quickly moved to Berlin after her parent’s death. Then when she was 16, she moved to Milano, Italy, where she became a protege at the Accademia Teatro all Scala, for opera singing. Due to the 2009 global economic crisis, opera houses shut down so Anna began pursuing pop music. While pursuing this new genre, Anna experimented with several different styles of pop before developing her own style. Her overall sound could be classified as a pop/dance sound. She later moved to California to further her career. Anna Azerli has recorded two singles since being in the US. In 2020, Anna Azerli was preparing to have a permanent show in Las Vegas, however, it’s been postponed due to the recent coronavirus pandemic until the next year. In the meantime, she has started working on a reality show with an established Los Angeles-based production company which is in the beginning stages and she is not allowed to talk much about it.