Up and Coming Artist From Heilbronn, Germany, Janho Announces His Latest Single, Reach For the Stars

Up and coming artist from Heilbronn, Germany, Janho announces his latest single “Reach For The Stars”. He is extremely pleased with his achievement of creating this single successfully, as he has just started producing since the start of 2021 and without any proper musical background. As a fresh talent in the music realm, he learned everything from scratch, including composing, producing, mixing, and mastering.

Janho has surely shown his professionalism and talented skills in terms of music and adaptability in his latest execution. He incorporates a catchy atmosphere in the music breaks and hooks to build up the mood, followed by a massive uplifting drop that provokes the listener’s mood, engaging them to dance and groove, which leads to an infectious soundscape. All in all, this superb track has churned out the flavor of progressive house music. Hence, “Reach For The Stars” is a breathtaking track catered for everyone.

“Reach For The Stars” is available now on all major platforms. Follow his Instagram to stay up to date.