Up-and-Coming Artist, Siani Drops Her Latest Playful and Love-Filled Summer Hit, “U 4 Me”

Up-and-coming artist, Siani drops her latest playful and love-filled summer hit, “U 4 Me”. The light-hearted single shows her versatile ability and charismatic talents as a capable artist with fine professionalism as she can shift from her familiar slow and sultry. She made a successful breakthrough by showing her immense passion and love by expressing her emotion to the single. In the current times of heartbreak, turmoil and loneliness that we all are living in, "U 4 Me" manages to conjure up that old feeling of young, puppy-love nostalgia. Her sublime vocals put us through this dreamy soundscape in the song as she delves into the complicated and intricate feelings of love, filled with uncertainty as well as heartache. Furthermore, she showcases her exquisite vocal depth, paving the way towards the spellbinding melodic notes of the music arrangement. Siani's versatility is on full display as she continues to establish herself as one of the future leaders of the RnB renaissance that is currently underway.

“U 4 Me” is available now in major music streaming platforms. Follow Siani on Instagram to stay up to date.