VELIAL COMPLEXx From the Republic of Moldova Drops His Latest Single “1788-K”

27-year-old electronic, dubstep, trap, and mid-tempo music producer, VELIAL COMPLEXx from the

Republic of Moldova, drops his latest single “1788-K”. The artist is currently based in Italy and is making his presence heard by releasing this magnificent high-powered and feisty single, which features a unique sound design.

The rising artist is here to impress the audience with his bold beats and energetic soundscape with relentless music arrangement to the world of hard-hitting electronic music realm. “1788-K’ is a unique infectious single filled with rich and groovy bass along with sonic waves of synths as the artist capitalizes on his versatile musicality. The tune is inspired from "Blade Runner: 2049", which opens with a war dystopian bass and dark haunting synths. A groove keeps things futuristic innocuous.

"Welcome to "1788-K", VELIAL COMPLEXx first sonic adventure." - VELIAL COMPLEXx

"1788-K" is out now on major music streaming platforms. Follow VELIAL COMPLEXx on his social media to stay up-to-date.