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  • Vadn Drops a Melodic New Single, “Afterlife” That Features Huge Synths

    Vadn drops a melodic new single, “Afterlife” that features huge synths. The 22-year-old electronic music producer unveils the euphoric soundscape to engage and inspire the listeners in his latest single. It is a slice of electro-pop music with future bass vibes that is contrastingly energetic yet easy to listen to on a daily basis. The musical production is well executed following its interesting melodies weaved together along with the synths into the fine intensity of rhythms. The artistry of the artist is shown from his warm vocals that meet with professionalism, showing his multi-talented characteristic on the electronic tune. One of his most popular tracks “For Reasons” has become a staple for his sound, and the first track to feature his own vocals. Vadn also looks to explore other extents of his sound by aspiring to create sonic representations of his emotions throughout chapters of his life. “Afterlife” also takes another step forward into solidifying his production techniques, vocals, and unique sound. Vadn hopes his future listeners enjoy “Afterlife” as it tells a short story of someone who loses their life to their lover in an electroacoustic, poetic, and groovy sign-off. Afterlife is out now on all major music streaming platforms. Follow Vadn: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Soundcloud:

  • Luca Skyline and Rico_chillax Drop Lo-Fi and Downtempo Single, "Seagulls" Featuring Dhyane

    Luca Skyline and Rico_Chillax drop Lo-fi and downtempo single, "Seagulls", which is filled with good vibes and an underlying sense of relaxation. The gentle and serene layers of soothing sound design along with the alluring vocals are beautifully constructed as if we are amidst an immersive tranquil walk by the coastal side. The single also features dream-like chords and sensational warm beats, giving the audience the best carefree impression as it replicates the sounds of nature perfectly within the soundscape. “Seagulls” is inspired by the artist, Rico_Chillax when he is trying to compose a new summer tune that is capable for the audience to enjoy while laying down on the beach. At the start, the track lacked vocals and the sounds of seagulls with only a few notes as well as some samples adapted for the mood. Luca (Luca Skyline) thought something was missing and he tried to incorporate some seagulls samples into the track to amplify the mood and tone of the theme. Moreover, Noemi (Dhyane) has recorded her vocals on the single to emulate a “good morning effect”, as she said, “I’d like to listen to this song when I woke up in the morning to start the day”. Hence the result, "Seagulls" with a refreshing and calm atmosphere for the listeners to enjoy in the summer while waking up in the morning with a cup of coffee filled with positivity and good vibes. "Seagulls" is available now on major music streaming platforms.

  • Up-and-Coming Hip-Hop Music Group, ABCU Drops Their Latest EPs “Prelude to C.O.N” And “Shop Class”

    Up-and-coming multifaceted hip-hop music group, Apron Boys Collective University (ABCU) also known as Covenant Government, drops their latest EPs “Prelude to C.O.N (Church Of Newd)” and “Shop Class”. With members hailing from New York, Virginia, and North Carolina, they specialize in bringing lush bona fide lyricism and incredible bouncy flows to boom-bap musical style and modern trap style beats. They are all geared up to take the ever-growing music industry by storm with their talented and charismatic musical skills. They have worked with well-known labels like Sony/ATV and Roc Nation's Equity Distribution and with producers such as Kino Beats, Internet Money, and Willie B. With their members including Relz Glover, Cool Hand Scoop, Hotboy Hazy, and XLR, as well as in-house producer Productions By Blizz, ABCU is about to steal the show with their superiority and musical expertise in these two incredible EPs. ABCU presents the EPs with strong lyrical ballads filled with enticing and stylish beats packed in first-class music compositions, especially “A Drill Love” from the EP, “Shop Class” and “Black Soap” from the EP, “Prelude to C.O.N (Church Of Newd)”. The heart-piercing and prominent vocals glide across the rhythm of the tracks with a style that is aesthetically pleasing to the ears, highlighted by the meandering storytelling dexterity. The intriguing lyricism along with the sensational rhyming skills in the EPs present relatable narratives and incredibly infectious tunes to keep the audience on repeat. ABCU shows their originality by being different in the music scene to stand out from the rest of the musicians as they convey raw, unfiltered emotions and the true form of musical essence in the realm of hip-hop to the fans. Superb musical arrangements with stunning sound designs are also presented in the EP, “Prelude to C.O.N”, especially “Newd God Wept” and “Black Soap” with well-mixed dynamic vocal modulations effects throughout the captivating soundscape. In addition, ABCU shows their supreme songwriting skills as the music group excels with their idiosyncratic thoughts and creativity, inviting optimism and curiousness to the audiences, gluing them on the edge of their seats throughout the EPs. As the saying goes, “Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality”, by manifesting their dreams into reality, the enthusiastic music group shows their artistry and professionalism in both the 3-track EPs, “Prelude to C.O.N (Church Of Newd)” and “Shop Class”. Also, the EPs contain production from Connor Helm, WICK, E2DaG, Sypooda, and SoULuvBeats. In the “Shop Class” EP, the third track titled ‘Perfect Timing’, was made as a tribute and homage to the late rapper Nipsey Hussle. The heart-warming video of the song which is available on YouTube, shows some of Nipsey Hussle’s most special moments with his family and friends. “Prelude to C.O.N (Church Of Newd)” and “Shop Class” are available on major digital music platforms. Follow ABCU on Spotify to stay up to date for more projects in the future.

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    MUSIC REPUBLIC MAGAZINE LATEST NEWS Music news, press releases, interviews, reviews, features & blog posts... 20 minutes ago 1 min Tenaj Unveils Her Latest Single “Never Let Me Go” With Melodic Future House Vibes Tenaj unveils her latest single “Never Let Me Go” with melodic future house vibes via Blanco y Negro Music Label. Tenaj presents her... Write a comment 1 3 hours ago 2 min Malaysian-Born Electronic Music Producer & DJ, Pressure Kay Drops His Latest Single "Hope" Pressure Kay drops his latest single, “Hope” with avant-garde sounds. The talented producer explores the beauty of lush sound design... Write a comment 3 a day ago 3 min An Interview With Katzhu Q: Hi Kyle, other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your... Write a comment 3 3 days ago 2 min Pressure Kay Drops His Dynamic New Single, “Ocean Drive” With Sky Limbu and Shahil X Pressure Kay drops his dynamic new single, “Ocean Drive” with Sky Limbu and Shahil X with powerful instrumentals under the dominant... Write a comment 5 MU SIC REPUB LIC Est. 2015 ABOUT MUSIC REPUBLIC Music Republic (Music Republic Magazine) is an independent record label, music promotional agency and magazine (blog/news), based in Malaysia, founded by Han Chien Leow, which features the latest music in various genres, especially Electronic Dance Music (EDM), including Trap, Future Bass, Chill, Electro-pop and more.​ Music Republic handles music promotion and publicity services across multiple platforms, such as Youtube, Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more... Furthermore, Music Republic scouts talented/underrated artists and listens to the demos received from the submissions to get them signed with a record deal. Music Republic will try their best effort to breakthrough new musical artists, driving the attention they deserved. ​With the introduction of Music Republic Magazine, we are simply delighted to offer music news, press releases, interviews, reviews, features, blog posts and even playlist spotlights. Along with the music and cultural evolution, Music Republic will strive and innovate in many ways to have a prosperous future with visionary plans ahead.​ "With an ambitious aim and vision, I believe Music Republic is going to evolve and advance into something people wouldn't think of." -Han Chien Leow, Founder of Music Republic FOUNDED BY: HAN CHIEN LEOW ​ ​ MADE IN MALAYSIA instagram PLAYLISTS We Welcome Paid music features, promotions, advertising opportunities, partnerships, Press Release, PR and any other inquiries. EMAIL Submit Thanks for submitting! CONTACT US CONTACT US CONTACT US STAY UP TO DATE Sign up to get our newsletter for all the latest music news, press releases, interviews, reviews, features and blog posts Subscribe Thanks for submitting!

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